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Stephi Joubert has works in private collections as well as art work in North America. She specializes in line work.

She became a student of the renowned sculptor Eben Germishuys originally to study sculpting, but her focus turned to her love of line and organic patterns.

Prior to studying with Eben Germishuys, Stephi has mainly been auto-didactic, learning as much as possible from various art books.

Art for Stephi is as natural as breathing. Creating art is intrinsically part of her very being.

Stephi still studies as many books and courses as she can, allowing her art to grow and mature and aiding her in her quest to fully explore the many possibilities to be found in the creation of a line.

Since 2015 Stephi's art has changed from a hobby into a career.


2005: Finalist in the third annual art initiative of the Alette Wessels Kunskamer.  


2015: First solo exhibition – “Serenity”


2016: Honorable mention in the Light Space and Time Online Art Gallery’s International Figurative Art competition.


2016: Finalist in the Longstreet Art Lovers Art competition.


2017: Second solo exhibition – “Echoes”

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